Pricing and Rates

We always strive to give you the best possible service, for the best price. Listed below are our standard prices and rates for Labor and Planned Maintenance. While these are our standard rates, keep in mind that we offer to match the rates of your current service provider once we have reviewed their most recent invoicing.


Hourly Labor Rate             $ 115.00

Labor is charged in ½ hour increments, ½ hour minimum charge.


 Inbound Travel is charged for Emergency Repairs only. The amount that will be charged is equivalent to one hour of Labor.

Planned Maintenance

Electric Forklift/Stacker/Pallet Jack                                                 $  80.00

LPG/Gas Forklift up to 6,000 pounds capacity                               $  95.00

LPG/Gas Forklift up to 6,001 up to 12,000 pounds capacity        $ 135.00