Cheaper! Better! Faster!

We Love Old Forklifts!

Why? Because they are paid for, and if you take care of them they’ll last forever

These days “old” is a relative term in the forklift repair world. We certainly don’t advocate keeping “antiques” in service. Antiques are forklifts that no longer have parts support. When you can’t get parts anymore, it’s time to put that machine out of service.

Would you believe that the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) forklift companies want you to replace your forklifts every 5 years? It’s true; just like your car.

OEM’s thrive on new equipment sales

Here at CSC Forklift Repair, we focus on survival. Survival for us depends on keeping your forklifts running efficiently and effectively

As your Forklift Maintenance and Repair provider, our principal concern is to keep your equipment up and running

Without the bloat and overhead of a Showroom and a Sales Staff, CSC Forklift Repair can offer highly specialized, sharply focused service at rates that will make a real difference on your bottom line.

We fix things right, no shortcuts

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay for the labor

Let’s save you some money! With a Maintenance and Repair Program from CSC Forklift Repair, your expenses will go DOWN, and your satisfaction will go UP